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Custom Showers

Custom Showers

Cultured Marble & Granite

Cultured marble showers provide a low maintenance shower. Colors are available in gloss and matte finishes. Cultured granite color palette consists of solid background with small particulates in the color. There are 40+ color choices in this product.


Tyvarian showers uses a high definition images of various natural stone and other natural elements. The images are backed with cultured marble, and protected with an acrylic layer on top. A Tyvarian shower will always look unique.

Vanity Tops

Cultured Marble

Cultured marble vanity is an excellent choice for a low maintenance vanity top. Standard with integral bowls with no seam. Available in about 20+ colors in matte and gloss finishes. We commonly pair the cultured marble vanity tops with our custom cultured marble showers.

Cultured Granite

Cultured Granite vanity tops have the same benefits and features as a cultured marble vanity top and shower. There are about 20+ cultured granite colors to choose from and several integral bowl styles. Most colors available as a matte or gloss finish.


Tyvarian vanity tops provide a beautiful low maintenance vanity top to coordinate with a Tyvarian custom shower. Tyvarian vanity tops are done with china undermount sinks and detached backsplash.

Granite / Quartz

Granite and quartz tops can be an excellent choice for your bathroom. Quartz tops are maintenance free. Granite and quartz tops can be paired with any type of vessel or undermount bowl. Hundreds of colors to choose from to complete the look in your bathroom.

Bathroom Vanities

Our bathroom cabinetry comes in the same styles and colors and our kitchen cabinetry.



Featuring Silverline, Gold, and Platinum cabinet series. Large selection of color choices, with many modifications available.


Wide selection of door and price options to meet your needs. Some styles available with semi-custom modifications.


Three product lines featuring inset and overlay doors in plywood construction. Full custom cabinet line.


Bath Hardware

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